Interview with Anthony Kiedis of RHCP

I must admit after a lifetime of going to concerts (more than 600 at this point) I’ve become a bit jaded. Last night at JLA (2/2/17) taking in the Red Hot Chili Peppers not only proved that I haven’t seen it all, they also gave me the needed slap in the face style reminder of how much pure joy bouncing around with 20,000 fellow Detroit rockers can be.

The concert first and foremost sounded great. On top of that the band was tight, the production was huge, the set-list outstanding, especially the frontloaded hit after hit after hit opening. As the show played on, I looked around the old crumbling arena and it was evident that the magic of the evening was reaching everyone.

Before the band hit the stage, I sat down in what would normally be the skate sharping room for the Red Wings, just down the short hallway from their dressing room and had a conversation with Mr. Anthony Kiedis.

Enjoy – Steve Black
Steve Black and Anthony Kiedis