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Clapton Announces Four Additional U.S. Dates

But wait, Eric Clapton fans, there's more. 

After announcing spring shows in New York, Los Angeles and London, Clapton has confirmed four more dates for 2017 -- September 7-8 at New York's Madison Square Garden, and Sept. 15-16 at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., near Los Angeles.

Clapton will be performing with a six-piece band in which he'll be the only guitarist, and in a statement he promises he won't be announcing any more shows for the year:

"I swear this is it, no more...I know I've been threatening retirement for the last fifty years, but I didn't think I'd ever really want to stop. I love what I do and always have done, but over the last few decades I've found what I was always really looking for, a loving family who love me just the way I am, which means I can relax and rest when I need to, and more and more I treasure the beauty of that. . . Hopefully, I might be able to remember and breathe some life into this old stuff. . . in truth believe me, with these great guys to play with, I'll be having the time of my life!"

But Clapton's longtime bassist Nathan East tells us it's unlikely we'll see the last of Ol' Slowhand:

"He's always been one of these guys that just charges through, and I love the fact he realizes he has a gift and although sometimes you say 'I want to shut it down 'cause I travel and I'm getting a little bit old for this,' he always wants to play. He enjoys the camaraderie...You can't really stop sharing the gift from God that people have recognized."


Clapton's other shows this year include March 19-20 at Madison Square Garden, March 25-26 at The Forum and May 22, 24 and 24 at Royal Albert Hall in London.


Gary Graff is an award-winning music journalist who not only covers music but has written books on Bob Seger, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen.