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Eddie Vedder: Our Favorite Wino

Eddie Vedder turns 52 today (December 23), and while we could celebrate how Pearl Jam will enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year, we’d much rather look back to the time Vedder drank wine out of a fan’s shoe during a 2014 concert.

The incident took place at a show in Sweden.  The fan in question apparently had a sign that read “Please sign my shoe,” which Vedder addressed saying, “You picked the wrong guy.”  The audience then backed the fan and pressured Vedder into signing her shoe.  Vedder eventually caved and had the fan throw her red Chuck Taylors on stage. He signed one shoe and sent back to her, along with a bottle of wine, which the fan proceeded to chug, much to the delight of the crowd.  The video is what followed.

Seriously…our favorite wino ever!

Eddie Vedder drinks wine from shoe - stockholm 2014

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