Rik Emmett interview

To me personally, Rik Emmett is one of the most influential artists or musicians ever. Rik and his band at the time Triumph were life-changing to me during my teen years. Rik was the first “rock star” I ever met. He was also part of my first back-stage experience, and Triumph was my first concert as well, which is something we talk about in this interview.

Speaking of interviews, this was the 12th time I’ve had the opportunist to talk shop with Rik, who is celebrating his new album with RESolution 9. The album features several special guests including a long overdue (from a fans perspective) reunion with his Triumph band-mates Mike Levine and Gil Moore on the soulful track “Grand Parade”. Also joining Rik are Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and Dream Theater singer James LaBrie.

The photo I used was taken by a 17 year old me during the rehearsals for the Thunder Seven Tour in December of 1984 at the Saginaw Civic Center. I hope you enjoy the interview. –

Steve Black - WRIF

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Triumph rehearsal 1984
Triumph rehearsal 1984