WATCH: Pink Floyd’s New Video For “Nothing Part 14”

Pink Floyd has put out a presumably final video in front of Friday's (November 11) release of its massive new box set The Early Years 1965-1972.

The group has released a newly created clip for the unreleased track "Nothing Part 14," one of a variety of videos that are part of the massive 27-disc audio and video package.

Pink Floyd is also releasing a two-disc distillation The Early Years -- Cre/ation, featuring 27 songs from the box including "Nothing Part 14."

Drummer Nick Mason took part in a YouTube chat about the projects on Wednesday (November 9), explaining that Pink Floyd, like other bands, has changed its tune over the years about releasing material from its vaults:

"This is a sea-change...It was unthinkable, 30 years ago, that we'd release anything except our final ultimate version. Everyone was worried about bootlegs and the fact that people would get to hear it in the wrong form, or too early. Now there's a sense that, if people are interested in how we develop something, that's fine."

Pink Floyd - Nothing Part 14 (Official Music Video)

Pink Floyd's seminal work 'Echoes' was created by the band in a conscious desire to use a freeform jamming approach to composing new material. Accordingly they ended up with more than 20 pieces of music, of which this is one.


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