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How Magnets Will Play A Role In Muse’s Next Tour

Muse isn't wasting a great deal of time planning a follow-up to its Drones World Tour that took place during the past year.

Speaking at the MUSEXPO conference recently, Muse tour director Glen Rowe said the group is looking at magnets as the focal point of its next stage production. "We want to do a stage made of magnets so the band can levitate on other magnets," Rowe said. "It's ridiculous, but trying to dream up something more adventurous is always our challenge, where does the next bolt of lightning come from where you capture the essence of it and trying to put it into a record or tour. It's definitely a permanent challenge...It's those questions that keep me awake every night of my life."

The Drones tour recently wrapped, and Rowe offered no clue as to when Muse will be back on the road again, or if there's another album in progress. During the Drones tour drummer Dominic Howard told us that one-upping itself is always something Muse tries to do when it does hit the road:

"I think since we started we've always been, like, attempting to make the next tour and the next show even bigger and better than the last, which is kind of proving to be more of a challenge these days because we've done quite a lot to date. We've covered quite a lot of ground."


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