Megadeth And 7 Other Bands With Beers

Dave Mustaine celebrates his birthday today (September 13th), and in addition to his seemingly endless tour schedule, he and Megadeth are branching out into the beer business and will soon be releasing a Megadeth-branded beer.  

Of course, Megadeth are far from the first band to have their own beer brand.  In honor of Mustaine's birthday, we recognize Megadeth and some of the bands with their own beer brands.  Cheers!


Megadeth - À TOUT LE MONDE ale

Not yet released to the public, Megadeth's À TOUT LE MONDE ale will be coming soon.  We sure can't wait to have one.

Megadeth on Twitter

Megadeth + @Unibroue Present: À TOUT LE MONDE, a Belgian Style Saison Ale Coming Soon:


AC/DC - Australian Hardrock

If you want beer, you got it with AC/DC’s premium German lager.


Queen – Bohemian Lager

With “Bohemian Rhapsody” celebrating its 40th anniversary recently, the band celebrated by issuing not only its own beer but its own brand of vodka, too.

Queen Lager on Twitter

BUY 20 x 500 ML for £29.95 and get a FREE Queen​ Bohemian Rhapsody Pint Glass! BUY NOW!


Iron Maiden – Trooper Ale

Probably the most successful beer on this list, Trooper gained popularity by word-of-mouth alone.  Robinson’s Brewery, who produces the ale, didn’t spend a dime on any advertising when the label first launched.

Trooper on Twitter

Chicago - The big day's arrived! Lots of #Trooperparty meetups across the city. Details here

Motorhead - Bastards Lager

It’d be more shocking if Motorhead didn’t have their own beer brand.

Pearl Jam - Faithfull Ale

Call it a hunch, but we doubt Pearl Jam fans can’t find a better ale.  (Get it?!)

Quick Sip Clips by Dogfish Head: Faithfull

For our latest music-inspired collaboration, we brewed a fruit-forward golden ale to celebrate Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary.


Kid Rock - Badass Beer

Kid Rock is always looking out for his hometown, which is why Badass Beer is brewed locally in Detroit.

American Badass Beer on Twitter

Happy #FourthofJuly - Let's get shit faced! #badassbeer #americanlager #america #americanbadassbeer #badass


Metallica-Branded Budweiser

Alright…so this is technically not a band beer like the others, but how cool is that packaging?!

Beer logos! on Twitter

And Budweiser for All: Metallica Announce Limited-Edition #Beer -... - #beer #logos


Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock reporter that loves the smell of old vinyl in the morning.