In Other Rock News…(July 25th)

Guns N' Roses, Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne, Phil Rudd and Perry Farrell make up the July 25th edition of "In Other Rock News..."  Enjoy!


30 People Busted At GN’R Show

Guns N’ Roses had two shows at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. over the weekend, and unfortunately, they didn’t go off without incidents.

According to multiple outlets, 30 people were arrested at Saturday night’s show due to a variety of offenses including drug possession, harassment, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and criminal trespassing.

Look everyone…sometimes when you’re super-pumped about a show, things can get a little over-zealous, so let’s all be smart and safe out there.


Ozzy & Sharon Back On?

Ozzy Osbourne is always good for a soundbite, and his recent interviews are no exception.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Ozzy says he and Sharon are “back on track” and referred to his very public infidelity as a “bump in the road.”  |

Wow…that was a bump in the road?!  We’d love to see what a disaster would look like in the eyes of the Osbournes!    


Update On Phil Rudd

Things have been awful quite on the Phil Rudd front for some time now, but the former AC/DC drummer said in a recent interview with the New Zealand Herald that, “I have behaved myself pretty well.  I even tried to give up the cigarettes, but I haven’t.  I didn’t drink.  I am not a big drinker, so it doesn’t bother me.  But I have stopped all the crazy stuff.”

If by “crazy stuff,” Rudd means “doing meth” and “actually paying his hookers,” we applaud him!

Perry Farrell REALLY Doesn’t Like EDM

Lollapalooza is happening this weekend in Chicago, and festival founder Perry Farrell had some interesting insights on the popular event, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

In speaking with the Chicago Tribune, Farrell touches on the festival lineup, some of which he isn’t too happy about, and says, “I hate EDM.  I want to vomit it out of my nostrils.  I can’t stand what it did to what I love, which is house music…I sometimes cringe at my own festival.”

WOW!  Two things:

1.  Way to hold back, Perry.


2.  For anyone that’s heading to Lollapalooza and intends on enjoying some of the EDM sets, just know that in that given moment, Perry Farrell likely hates you as much as he hates that music.



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