July 7, 2006: Syd Barrett Dies

It's been ten years since Pink Floyd's "Crazy Diamond" left this Earth, but his influence is forever etched in rock history.

Besides founding one of the most successful rock groups of all-time, Syd Barrett made many other major contributions to music that will never be forgotten.  He was seen as the innovator behind many of band’s early songs and used his creativity and new ideas to allow to band to form a sound all their own.

Innovation with the guitar itself made Barrett someone most looked up to with his well-known experimental techniques.

Exploring distortion, feedback and other effects allowed Barrett to develop that signature echo guitar sound we attribute with Pink Floyd. He put creativity first and technical ability second.  Laying the foundation for years of great Pink Floyd music was what he left behind for millions to enjoy.

Sony Music/Legacy Recordings recently unveiled a Pink Floyd vinyl reissue campaign, which includes their 1967 debut The Piper at the Gates of Dawn featuring Barrett's work.  It's currently available at Amazon, in addition to A Saucerful of Secrets, More and Ummagumma.