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Top 5 Nigel Tufnel Moments From 'This Is Spinal Tap'

Comedic genius Christopher Guest celebrates his 68th birthday today (February 5th.)  He’s written some of the most celebrated comedies of the past few decades (Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show, A Mighty Wind,) but his most iconic creation/role is Nigel Tufnel, lead guitarist of Spinal Tap from the 1984 classic This Is Spinal Tap.  In honor of Guest’s birthday, here are our top five Nigel Tufnel moments from the film:

5.  “He exploded on stage.”

Poor Peter James Bond! Just a flash of green light, a “globule” on his drum seat, and that was it.

4.  “None more black”

True, the answer really is “none.”


3.  “This miniature bread…”

Nigel just wants bigger bread. Is that so much to ask?!


2.  “My solos are my trademark.”



1.  “These go to eleven!”

Could there be any other number one than this “one louder” moment?!  Considering how much a part this moment is in the rock lexicon, it’s hard to disagree with it’s placement on our list.  


Honorable Mention – “Lick My Love Pump”


This clip was SO close to making the cut at number five.  Honestly, the use of the word “globule” was really the deciding factor, but we would be remiss not to include this hilarious moment.


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