So far, I'm loving it!

Hey guys! I hope all of you had a nice little holiday, Thanksgiving break! I wanted to do a little update on how I'm doing as rock girl lately. There have been so many awesome events going on and I love seeing more and more faces become familiar to me as I attend them. I…

Five Bands and Their First Gigs

Aerosmith played their first show together 47 years ago today (November 6), and even though they have sold out arenas and stadiums all over the world, even “The Bad Boys from Boston” had to start somewhere.

Riff Fest!

Hey guys Riff Fest was a TOTAL success this year. It was a busy day with lots going on and even a little bit of rain was momentarily thrown in the mix. But we don't let no stinkin' rain kill our fun! I was SO glad to see everybody I did-- loyal listeners, new faces,…

Halestorm Goes Live Talking Everything Riff Fest

Halestorm is taking over the Monster Energy Music Facebook page this afternoon talking about everything Riff Fest & their other upcoming festival appearances! Tune in at 4:30pm TODAY (9/26) to see what's in store for us on Friday! Monster Energy Music Halestorm will be live on our Facebook page today answering all your questions about…

Chester Bennington and Other Great Rock Screams

Chester Bennington turns 41 today (March 20th,) and if there's one thing that sets the Linkin Park frontman apart from other lead singers, it's his powerful scream.  In honor of his birthday, we're looking at Bennington and other awesome screams in rock.  Enjoy!