Islander – Violence And Destruction

A big part of the cruise is interacting with the fans and I asked Andrew about that as well “Touring is so good. We’ve met so many cool people and I’ve seen the majority of the United States now, I think I’ve hit 45 states, which is crazy, but it’s awesome!”

I’m The Man – The Official Story Of Anthrax

I was not sure what to expect from Scott Ian’s autobiography. I knew it would include tons of rock & roll stories of course, but as I was only a moderate fan of Anthrax, I felt like I might not be as committed as I have been to other autobiographies. It turned out to be a great, fast paced read.

New Slash – World On Fire

The single “World on Fire” will hit radio on June 13th, a good week before the band starts their tour in July, with most of the shows being part of the Let Rock Rule Tour with Aerosmith.

My Last Fight – Darren McCarty

Red Wings fans will love McCarty’s book, as most of us can’t resist re-living the glory days. My Last Fight however is not really
a book about # 25, but much more of a book about Darren McCarty the person.

As a member of the media, and someone who has covered the wings in the locker room and even on the road on occasion during my career,
I was well aware of Mac’s drinking problem, and I’m proud of the way he faces his demons head-on and opens his heart and soul
in this book.

Darren and I have a