2 hours of Haunted Rock & Roll

This may be the best collection of Halloween music ever played in a 2-hour radio show. As promised here is the full 2-hour stream of the Chop Shop Halloween Special with me and John 5. Happy Haunting. Steve Black  

Chop Shop Special with John 5

Join me this Sunday morning from 7am to 9am as Detroit’s own John 5 sits in as my special co-host for 2 hours of haunted Halloween themed music and memories in The Chop Shop. Few people are more qualified to talk about sinister or creepy music than John 5 who is Rob Zombie’s guitarist, a…

The New Dirty Blues

Every now and then a new genre or sub-genre of rock comes along. Sometimes it is just a flash in the pan and sometimes, especially when it is history repeating itself, it becomes a thing. So let me formally introduce you to The New Dirty Blues. I know the blues has been around longer that…

Joel Hoekstra's 13

Joel Hoekstra is a monster of a guitarist. I got to know him through his time in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Night Ranger, but his musical journey also includes solo albums and he is now one of the guitarists for Whitesnake. On October 14th Joel joined me via Skype to talk about his latest project…

The new Trivium album is due October 2nd

Silence in the Snow from Trivium will finally be the one from the Florida band that finds and holds a much larger audience than ever before. The double guitar metal band still has crushing riffs, melodic leads and a super tight rhythm section. So what is new with this album due out October 2nd?  …

Steve Black's 1,500 show milestone.

Several milestones will take place for me this weekend as the 1,500th show that I have written and produced for syndication airs across the nation.  It all started in 2004 with the Chop Shop, then I expanded to add Chop Shop Classic in 2006. in 2010 I teamed up with Pierre Robert of WMMR to add Classic…

Five Finger Got Your Six album and tour

The new Five Finger Death Punch album Got Your Six drops on September 4th. That same date FFDP starts their world tour along with Papa Roach, In This Moment and From Ashes to New. On August 26th I spoke to guitarist Jason Hook about both the album and the tour as well as the upcoming…

Myles Kennedy: 2 bands is not enough.

Myles Kennedy is one of my favorite people in the music business. He is a passionate listener, singer, writer, guitarist and performer with both Slash and Alter Bridge and now as his Twitter feed reports a solo artist as well. Congrats brother Myles, can't wait to give it a listen. 

Louder Than Life Festival

On the weekend of October 3rd and 4th I’ll be in Louisville, Kentucky for the second annual Louder Than Life Music, Whisky and Gourmet Man Food Festival. I’ll be on site to eat BBQ and interview members of Shinedown, Slash, ZZ Top, Seether, 3 Doors Down Tremonti and a dozen others for The Chop Shop.…

Steve Black Talks with the Deftones

Deftones & Incubus kicked off their tour last night (July 22nd) at DTE Energy Music Theatre. Before the show WRIF's Steve Black sat down with Chino & Sergio to talk about their love for Detroit, playing St. Andrews and the Shelter in the early days, writing their new album and touring with Incubus back in the…

Islander - Violence And Destruction

A big part of the cruise is interacting with the fans and I asked Andrew about that as well "Touring is so good. We've met so many cool people and I've seen the majority of the United States now, I think I've hit 45 states, which is crazy, but it's awesome!"

I'm The Man - The Official Story Of Anthrax

I was not sure what to expect from Scott Ian's autobiography. I knew it would include tons of rock & roll stories of course, but as I was only a moderate fan of Anthrax, I felt like I might not be as committed as I have been to other autobiographies. It turned out to be a great, fast paced read.

New Slash - World On Fire

The single "World on Fire" will hit radio on June 13th, a good week before the band starts their tour in July, with most of the shows being part of the Let Rock Rule Tour with Aerosmith.

My Last Fight - Darren McCarty

Red Wings fans will love McCarty's book, as most of us can't resist re-living the glory days. My Last Fight however is not really
a book about # 25, but much more of a book about Darren McCarty the person.

As a member of the media, and someone who has covered the wings in the locker room and even on the road on occasion during my career,
I was well aware of Mac's drinking problem, and I'm proud of the way he faces his demons head-on and opens his heart and soul
in this book.

Darren and I have a

Halestorm: ReAniMate 2.0

Halestorm's new 6 song EP is pretty strong for an all covers albums. It opens with a most interesting choice of songs; the last track on the 1977 Judas Priest album Sin After Sin. I never expected anyone to make a cover of "Dissident Aggressor" and would probably have bet that nobody in Halestorm was even aware of that song. Lzzy nails the powerful vocals and I'm sure she will get Rob Halford's blessing when he hears this version which recreates the dark energy of the original.