There's nowhere like Nerdradio on Riff2 for the Holidays

This week Al and Chuck remember some Christmases growing up fondly and review comics from the last couple weeks and Jefferson discovers one of his favorite games from when he was young is now on his phone! plus we get an inside look at the Dungeons and Dragons campaign Jefferson has been playing in by…
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Nerdradio on Riff2 gets philosophical

This week Al Beck gets hysterical, no wait, HISTORICAL, he's hysterical every week. Anyways Al's love of history takes the spotlight, Jefferson and Chuck talk about the game Pony Island and spoil some of the meta tricks the game pulls on the player, as well as reviews for All New Wolverine Annual, Animosity #2 and…
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Comics and Games and Nerdradio on Riff2

What can we say about this week's episode that Jefferson, Al and Chuck aren't about to say themselves? I mean, you are in the process of downloading it right? You are looking forward to hearing about Suicide Squad Rebirth, the new Hearthstone adventure, and what JRPGs we've played and what ones we've never heard of,…
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