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R.I.P. Roddy Piper.

According to TMZ, WWE legend Rowdy Roddy Piper has passed away at the age of 61 from natural causes. I never had the chance to meet him, but loved his larger than life persona. The guy sure knew how to entertain. R.I.P., Hot Rod!

Friday top 5 challenge. Metallica!

I thought I would challenge you guys every Friday with your top 5. Could be the top 5 whatever. Could be top 5  songs, TV anchors, days of the week....anything. You guys can email your suggestions at [email protected] I thought I would start it off today with your top 5 Metallica songs. Boy, this is…

Wes Borland - Detroiter.

Don't be surprised if you bump into Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland around the Detroit area. Apparently his fiance talked him into moving to the Motor City. He suggested he was very skeptical at first, but says he has grown to love the city. Supposedly he's a thrill ride fan and loves the fact that…

Great opening tracks.

I read an article that counted down the top 10 great opening songs on classic albums. GNR "Welcome to the Jungle", AC/DC "Hells Bells", Van Halen "Running with the Devil" to name a few. What are some of your favorite opening tracks? What songs have set the mood for an entire record in your opinion?…

$250,000 for chewed up gum?

If you're to believe a post on some KISS fan site, a piece of Gene Simmons' chewed up gum has been auctioned off for almost a quarter million dollars! Having met and interviewed Gene a few times, I get a kick out of his over the top megalomania. But this might just push Gene over…

SlipKnot last night....

Great show by the Iowa boys last night. My favorite song of the night was "Before I Forget". I love that song and it translates really good live, as do most of their songs. "Wait and Bleed", "Duality", "The Devil in I" and "People = S#&t" were also killer.  Just think about how hot it…

Slipknot - tonight!

I'll be broadcasting today inside the Arbor room at DTE. Stop by before the show and say hi if you get the chance. I'm super excited to see the show tonight. I was on vacation when Corey Taylor came through town a few weeks back on his spoken word/acoustic tour. I'm a big fan of…

Wes Scantlin and Layne Staley news.

A couple thing happened in rock today. One was not so surprising and the other was...kinda. Not so surprising is Wes Scantlin from Puddle of Mudd leading police on a 100m.p.h. car chase then being arrested for alleged DWI. According to reports he blew a .310! Yikes. I've met him a few times and he's…

Another great Rock Doc.

"RUSH:Beyond The Lighted Stage" I know this one is about 5 years old, but I've never seen the whole thing. After getting in late Saturday and wired from the Harley ride home, I decided to turn this one on. Rush is almost one of those bands that you take for granted. But you soon realize…

Great Rock Documentaries.

I've watched a couple pretty good documentaries over the last couple of weeks. The first one was "Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon".   For those of you who don't know who Shep Gordon is, you're not alone. I didn't know who he was either. He's a talent manager of some pretty big names. Alice Cooper,…

Detroit Rock City!

On this, the 314th birthday of Detroit, I want to look back on my time here. People ask me how I ended up in the "D". I lost my job in Buffalo the summer of 1995 after the station I was working for was sold. I spent the summer playing softball, riding my Harley and…

Happy Birthday, Slash!

Happy 50th Birthday to guitar legend Slash. I've had the chance to meet and interview him several times going back to the early 90's. During my last interview with him a few months back we even skimmed over the Guns/Metallica tour. I would've loved to talk to him more about that, but was running out…

Chris Henderson From 3 Doors Down.....

After hanging with 3 Doors Down here in Detroit over the weekend, I asked guitarist Chris Henderson if he'd do the podcast and fill in the fans on the new cd. We talked about that, 2 piece bands, the metal cd that had a profound impact on his life and more. Chris and the guys are salt of the earth people and great to talk to. Hope you enjoy this and thanks for listening!
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M.I.S. President Roger Curtis....

With the Quicken Loans 400 coming up I fired off a call to Michigan International Speedway president, Roger Curtis. There's a lot of stuff going on around race weekend including a music festival and more. Roger is also giving away driver introduction passes just for listening. Good luck and thanks for checking out the podcast!
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Robbie Merrill From Godsmack

I've known Robbie for a lot of years and it's always good to see him and Godsmack. It was cool to get into a little bit more about him and the band. Find out about Robbie the 'dad', the difference between playing headlining gigs and festivals, plus the beginings of the band and a ton more. As always, thanks for listening! Meltdown
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FFDP, Halestorm And Papa Roach....

Lots of rock to get to today. Zoltan from Five Finger Death Punch and Jerry from Papa Roach, but I didn't know that. Find out what's up with the new FFDP cd "Got Your 6". Halestorm is out on tour and swung by our RIFF rock girl event. And finally Jacoby from Papa Roach talks all thing P.Roach and more. Enjoy! Meltdown
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Tremonti, Rival Sons & Volbeat At Rock On The Range.

It's all about the guitars in this podcast. Mark Tremonti from Alter Bridge/Tremonti talks his new cd and even Creed's beginings. Scott Holiday talks Rival Sons and being left along in a room with a guiatar legend of the hightest! Plus Micheal Poulson from Volbeat cathes us up on them and gives us the story of how he scored his first guitar....a 5 finger discount! LOL Enjoy!
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Alice Cooper And Tommy Lee Talk Touring & More...

In this podcast I had the pleasure of talking to 2 rock legends, Alice Cooper and Tommy Lee. Of course they'll be touring again this summer and fall for Motley Crue's "Final Tour". We talked about that and much more. In Vintage Chatter, I dug out some older interviews I did with Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson as they talked about Alice Cooper. Happy listening and thank you!
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Brent Smith From Shinedown And Classic Phil Anselmo.

It's always great talking with my longtime friend Brent Smith from Shinedown. The boys have been working on their 5th album and looking for a 2015 release. He talks that and the tour, plus more. Then I cut up an interview I did with Phil Anselmo from Pantera from 2013. Find out what his biggest memories of Detroit are, and it's not the music fans, although he did mention them.
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LZZY Hale Talks New Cd And Vintage OZZY Talks Slash

Lzzy Hale is one of the nicest people you'll meet in this business and the new cd is one of the best I've heard this year. She talks about the new record and has a classic story about Ronnie James Dio. Plus a vintage interview I did with Ozzy. He's a 'pull no punches' kinda guy and a truly entertaining to talk to. This enterview took place in 2011 and he had some really cool things to say about Slash, which he had just recorded with, and GNR. Enjoy!
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Red Wings Playoff Bound And Vintage Chris Cornell. beat writer and all around good guy, Bill Roose, talks NHL playoff hockey. This guy knows the Red Wings! Plus I posted snipets of an interview I did with Chris Cornell last year. Chris was great and opend up about Black Sabbath, the possibilty of Soundgarden going into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and more. Thanks for listening!
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Paul O'Neill From T.S.O.

I recentley had a chance to talk with T.S.O. brains, Paul O'Neill. For those of you that don't know, the Trans Siberian Orchestra is one of the biggest touring bands in all of the world. Don't believe me? Listen as Paul talks about a gig they played in Germany last New Years Eve. He talks about the band, his past career managing bands and much, much more.
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Corey Taylor Talks To WRIF

Check out my latest conversation with Slipknot's Corey Taylor. He talks about the new cd, tour and why he hasn't played Detroit in what seems like forever! Hope you enjoy it. He's a great guy and excellent interview. But to be fair, I was asked not to talk about the new bassist or drummer. Still, it's well worth listening to if you're a big Stone Sour/Slipknot fan like myself.
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