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Mark & Andy Podcast 01.06.18 - Kettle Chip! Kettle Chip! Baked! Baked!

Mark and Andy are back in the studio after a quick holiday break and recap what happened over the last few weeks. Things got dicey the Friday before New Years at the bar with Andy & Jade, rating friends, Mark's mishaps on Christmas, the bitter cold, playing the lottery at the bar, the latest vending…
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Mark & Andy Podcast 12.16.17 - Do You Know Who R2D2 Is?

This week we learn about Jade's ridiculous interpretation of Star Wars, whether a thumb is a finger or not with Overly Straight Guy Ken, what happens when you become a bar regular, outlawing karaoke, spoken word lyrics of popular songs, Mark's manly gift bag, Jade's rage and more!
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Mark & Andy Podcast - 12.02.17 Pimp Santa

This week Mark, Andy & Jade broadcast live from the Pontiac Holiday Extravaganza Parade! They talk about Jade freeing the animals at the petting zoo and how she softens the mixture, beaver beers & mishearing words, Pimp Santa walking around, distractions at a live broadcast, a man who got a "Do Not Resuscitate" tattoo and…
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Mark & Andy Podcast 11.25.17 - Snapchat Almost Ruined Everything

This week Mark and Andy talk about another issue Mark had while trying to get to work, how Snapchat almost ruined everything when it made a call while naked, their unseen clam photo from Las Vegas, Mark & Jade's low tolerance for buffoonery and Jade's new nickname being "Carolina Reaper", appropriate conversations to have at…
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Mark & Andy Podcast 10.28.17 - Glasses Of Tequila

This week the crew heads out on a Friday night before the show and recalls the events that took place like glasses of tequila, Jade's need to be twirled and more. Plus, they talk about weird things seen at the radio station, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Jade's dad having a syrup and spoons hobby and more!
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