Guy Drives Really Fast Wife Freaks Out

I bet he didn't get laid for a while. Carjam Funny F1 driver Patrese Scares Wife Honda Type R Car TV Funny Commercial Carjam CARJAM TV - Subscribe Here Now Like Us Now On Facebook: For The World's Best Car Videos Website: Radio: Twitter: Youtube: Honda automobile Type R…

Cop Pulls Guy Over Then Helps Him Get a Life Sentence

This cop helps a guy get married... not sure if he helped him or not. Cop 'Engaged' In Traffic Stop Leads To Life Sentence Traffic stop results in epic proposal! Love story! Prank to marriage proposal! Click here for story on local news: Click here to see video on my Facebook: Click here…

Tortoise Does Killer Owen Wilson Impression

This tortoise has some seriously amazing acting chops. He completely NAILS an impression of Owen Wilson. Nature... it's powerful. Tortoise impersonating Owen Wilson - WOW! Tortoise impersonating Owen Wilson Related: Honey Badger Won't Stop Escaping (Video)

Reporter Accidentally Outs Martial Arts Expert as A Fraud

This newscaster was trying to back up this legendary martial arts experts skills...when he revealed his mystical ancient secrets by mistake. TV Reporter accidentally ruins martial arts master demo TV Reporter accidentally ruins martial arts master demo during television segment Related: No related posts.

Poor Fella Lost Control of His Bulldozer

This has got to be pretty embarrassing. You can actually see the moment his spirit is broken chasing that thing. A crazy bulldozer without drivers in the street bulldozer without drivers in the street & Driver walking behind the bulldozer Related: No related posts.

Well, That's Not A Great Idea

Sometimes the ole' booze brain will talk you into stuff that isn't really the best idea. Drunk Girl Falls from Roof - EPIC FAIL Girl Seating and drinking beer out side her small roof all of a sudden collapse, Related: No related posts.

Jonathan Davis Talks New Album & Touring

Jade recently sat down with Jonathan Davis of Korn to talk about the new album, touring and how Korn has evolved over the last 20 years. Check out the interview below! Related: ICYMI White Stripes Release Previously Unreleased Track

Every Last One of The Nopes

Spiders. Jesus Christ are they creepy. Also, at night there are more than you can imagine...OH and their eyes sparkle! Spider Hunting Proof For all you unbelievers out there, here's an updated video that shows the spiders popping out of the grass. By the way, this is really hard to do with an iPhone, it's…

Here's a Trailer for a Crazy Russian Super Hero Movie

In Russia, man-bear have crazy wyeaponry. Защитники - Трейлер (2017) Официальный трейлер фильма Защитники (2016): ✔ Все ролики фильма ➜ ☟ ★ Трейлеры к фильмам: подписывайтесь ☛ ★ Поддержите нас на ФЕЙСБУКЕ ➜ * Премьера (РФ) - 23 февраля 2017, Каропрокат Сюжет фильма "Защитники": Во времена Холодной войны секретная организация "Патриот" создала…

Honey Badger Won't Stop Escaping (Video)

This is as astonishing as it is hilarious. Watch this poor guy try to stop a honey badger from escaping it's pen. Honey Badger Houdini - Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem - Natural World - BBC Two Programme website: Honey badgers escape from their enclosure using anything from mud balls to rakes. Related: No…

BEHOLD! Roomba Pong

Here's how you take your drinking game, uh game to the next level. RUMBA PONG Beer pong on Rumba vacuums Related: No related posts.