The Weird Tale of Ireland's 'Lost Beach’

Located on Achill Island’s Dooagh beach in Ireland, a massive piece of their land returned. This may sound like a premise to an old wives tale, but this small community is celebrating the return of their missing beach. In the summer of 1984, a massive storm hit the town washing away the piece of land.…

Dream of Becoming a Tempura Fried Shrimp?

Being an adult can be hard sometimes, and there are days where all you can do is dream of hiding inside a blanket burrito. Well, thanks to the online store Felissimo, your burrito blanket is about to receive a serious upgrade. Related: No related posts.

Hidden Valley Ranch Fountains for Sale

We all know that one person who is absolutely obsessed with ranch dressing. They put it on their salads, use it as dip for their pizzas, or put it on your wings come game time. It may even be you! Whatever you mainly use ranch dressing for, this new product may become an instant hit…

Pickle Juice Pops Are Hitting Stores This Summer

Pickles have become a popular trend! Starting with pickle juice soda, it looks as though food companies have found another way to add those vinegary treats into another tasty morsel. Related: Would You Try Pickle Juice Soda? An Actual Sharknado Just Happened, And That's Very Concerning! Scientists Find a Deer Eating Human Remains Cyclops Baby…

Cyclops Baby Goat May Steal Your Heart

Some may look at this goat and think it is a part of a science fiction movie! The locals in Assam, India actually look at the creature as a blessing! Related: Octopus Makes A 'Finding Nemo' Escape - Because Wild Animals Are Wild! Latest Food Trend: Yogurt Art An Actual Sharknado Just Happened, And That's Very…

6 Of the Best Food and Wine Pairings

Sometimes you just need a great glass of wine. Related: You Can Now Make Stove Top Pizza, And It's Not From A Box We're Dying To Try This Super-Sized Dumpling Dish Study Shows Drinking Wine is Good For Your Brain How 'Tasting Room' Is Changing The Wine Experience

We Have Faith In You, Do You?

“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” –Martin Luther King Jr. Related: 5 Signs You Might Be Doing Too Much on Social Media This Feud Between Wendy's And Hardee's Is Hilarious!

5 Hilarious Videos of Dancing Missteps

We have all been there. The lights are low, the music is thumping, and you are grooving to the beat the DJ is spinning. All of the sudden, you move too fast and fall within a blink of an eye. After the embarrassment dies down and you check to see if anyone noticed your mistake,…

Beer Made Specifically For You to Enjoy in The Shower

There is a special sensation that happens when you crack open an ice cold beer in a warm shower.  If you have yet to have experienced such an event, stop reading this article and try it out. Related: ICYMI: Brewery Makes Beer Out of Sewage Water Beer Yoga Is The New Latest Workout Trend You…

The New Nerf Gun Will Blow Your Mind!

You have probably wanted them as a kid, or maybe you still want one as an adult! Nerf guns have been impressing customers since the early 70s, but now their technology has changed into something more impressive. Related: No related posts.

8 TV and Film Waitress and Waiter Trivia

We all have a favorite movie or television show that has waiter. From Mystic Pizza to 2 Broke Girls, they all depict those hard-workers who are delivering us our food. From IMDB, here are 8 pieces of trivia from television and film about our favorite waiters or waitresses. Related: No related posts.

Corey Taylor Pays Tribute to Chris Cornell at ROTR

Corey Taylor took the stage at Rock On The Range in Columbus, Ohio Friday night to pay tribute to Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell who was found dead after their show in Detroit Wednesday night. Related: New Soundgarden Doc Now Just About Chris Cornell Chris Cornell, 52, Found Dead After Detroit Concert 9 Times Chris Cornell…

Mother’s Day Traditions Around the World

Happy Mother's Day! Before you call her to thank her for giving you life, check out these strange, international Mother’s Day traditions and see if you want to spontaneously things up this year. Related: No related posts.

Scientists Find a Deer Eating Human Remains

Watch out, Zombies! You have some serious competition. Related: New Coffin May be the Way of the Future World's Largest Dinosaur Tracks Found in Australia Fun Fact: Spiders Could Eat Every Human on Earth in a Year Hitchhiker Used Beer to Pay for Rides, Traveled 5,000 Miles

Have You Heard of Comedians "Chop and Steele"?

First appearing on the Western Wisconsin news, the fitness gurus Chop and Steele, have been making their rounds on the internet. The duo market themselves as professional strongmen and would demonstrate by lifting milk jugs, stomping on wicker baskets, and chopping tiny sticks. Related: No related posts.

Tips For Surviving Final Exam Season

It's that time of the year- again- where college students are agonizing over taking final exams. Related: DIY Mother's Day Gifts: What Mom Really Wants How To Kick Those Bad Sugar Cravings How To Celebrate Mother's Day Without A Mom Could Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Become Our Next President?

Describing Mom In 5 Words

Mother's Day is just two days away.  Related: DIY Mother's Day Gifts: What Mom Really Wants How To Celebrate Mother's Day Without A Mom How To Kick Those Bad Sugar Cravings Could Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Become Our Next President?

There is Now a Boozy Ice Cream Shop and Life is Good

Alcohol and ice cream are two of life's greatest treasures, and now a New York City-based ice cream shop has combined the two and all is well with the world. Related: ICYMI: Brewery Makes Beer Out of Sewage Water Look Out World, There's Harry Potter Ice Cream This Is The Most Satisfying Video Of Making…

Behind McDonald’s Weird Fry Fork

McDonald’s has redefined how we look at cutlery. No longer will Americans have just knives, forks, and spoons in their drawers! The McDonald’s ‘frork’ has become an internet sensation after is appeared on social media this past week. Related: McDonald's Is Doing Something About Those Pesky Shake Machines! What Staple McDonald's Drink Is Going Away?

Starbucks is Being Sued For Their Unicorn Drink

If you are on social media, we are sure you are aware of the Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappucino. However, as usual as this drink was, it may not have been an original idea. Related: Soon You'll Be Able to Text Your Friends Starbucks Gift Cards This Magical Drink From Starbucks Could Save You A Trip To…

Pigeons May Have Used Syringes to Make a Nest

To start off this article, both scientists and the internet are unsure if this picture is real. However, police are reporting that birds made a nest out of hypodermic needles in Canada. Related: Latest Food Trend: Yogurt Art Pet Fur Watches Are All the Rage! An Actual Sharknado Just Happened, And That's Very Concerning! Hitchhiker…