Happy birthday, Matthew Stafford!

Today is Matthew Stafford's 28th birthday and we must admit, there's nothing better than having your birthday off from work! So sit back, relax & enjoy the day, buddy! The Detroit Lions posted up some really sweet Stafford action shots which you can view here. Happy birthday, Matthew from all of us here at 101…

Jimmy Howard's Mask Pays Tribute to former Detroit Tigers

The 2016 Stadium Series is right around the corner & Jimmy Howard will be paying tribute to some amazing Detroit Tigers on his new mask! Meltdown recently got on the phone with Ray Bishop of Bishop designs, the company that paints the masks and you can listen to their conversation by clicking HERE. Check out…

WATCH: Michigan State "Disrespect" Hype Video

While the rest of the nation is picking out their best outfit & glitter hats to ring in the new year, many Michigan State fans will be gearing up for one of the biggest games in Spartan football history. At 8pm on New Years Eve, Sparty will take on Alabama in the Cotton Bowl. The…

Video From The World Pole Dancing Championships is Impressive/Pleasant

This video is amazing. Obviously, for the obvious sexy reasons. But damn... the athleticism and creativity that went into this performance will give your brain a boner too. Related: 2013 Riff Rock Girl Search Behind The Scenes (Gallery) Katy Perry Is Auctioning Off Her Boobs (Video) Hot Chick Washing A Harley Is Quite Pleasant (Video)…

How We Assume The .5K Will End (Video)

The Dave and Chuck the Freak .5k will be a grueling test of human anatomical strength. It's a feat that if you finish, you will be put in the hall of the greats. Pain will overcome you as you run that half a block. We can only speculate that after such an intense physical challenge,…

Detroit Lions Fire GM Mayhew and President Lewand

It looks like the Detroit Lions are making more changes in their front office. ESPN just broke the news that the Lions organization have fired General Manager Martin Mayhew & President Tom Lewand. The future of Jim Caldwell is still uncertain, and it looks like he's currently meeting with those who will decide. Read the…

Somebody Synced Up Spongebob With Sabbath's "War Pigs"

You ever been in one of those states of inebriation and listening to music while the TV is still on and the music syncs up perfectly with whatever is on the TV? Well, this entire video is like that except it's Spongebob Squarepants and Black Sabbath's War Pigs. Related: No related posts.

The Countdown to Hockey Starts Now!

The Detroit Red Wings start training camp tomorrow in Traverse City and will have their season home opener on Friday, October 9th. Hey, hey Hockeytown! Are you ready for a new era in Detroit! Check out their hype video below & get ready for an awesome season!  Related: Jimmy Howard's Mask Pays Tribute to former…

This Elephant Does Not Like To Be Touched

Elephants can be friendly, if they want to be. If they don't, well... they are much, MUCH stronger than you so know that an elephant that doesn't like to be touched...won't be touched. Related: No related posts.

Shoplifter Bolts Out of Courtroom

This lady was convicted of shoplifting and decided to sneakily slip out of the courtroom... now she has racked up a whole new set o charges. - Convicted Walmart Shoplifter Bolts From Ohio Courtroom   Related: No related posts.

Donald Trump Insult Generator

Time Magazine did us a solid and made a Donald Trump Insult Generator. Click here to input a name you'd like to insult and see what sort of Trumpism comes up!  Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images Related: No related posts.

Best Live News Photobomb Ever?

This is quite possibly the most intricate, fascinatingly well thought out news photobomb ever. Watch as this magician makes live news magic happen magically. Related: No related posts.

Dog Is Very VERY Bad at Escaping (Video)

This little guy wasn't exactly blessed with what we refer to as a brilliant criminal mind. Nope. He isn't the brightest... but his captive buddy sure reaps the benefits of his issues.    How not to escape   Related: No related posts.

Redneck BBQ Fail (Video)

Rednecks will tell you that every BBQ is made better with a little thing called GAS-O-LINE. It really takes it up a notch... this particular Redneck found out the hard way. Big A** Redneck Bonfire Explosion! Wow.   Related: No related posts.