8 Signs That You May Need a Vacation

It's a normal day at work, you've been working fairly diligently until you find your mind beginning to drift away. Soon you're on a beach; you can hear the waves, feel the breeze, smell the water, it's pure bliss... then *BOOM* A co-worker has interrupted your day dream and now you're back to reality. Sounds…

5 Weird Cruises That Actually Exist

Looking for vacation, but want to stray away from a typical trip? We have your back! Check out these 5 weird cruises that are guaranteed to give you an interesting tale to tell your friends. Related: No related posts.

5 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is something almost all of us deal with on a daily basis.  From your work life to your home life, it's pretty much inescapable, but it can be managed.  In honor of Stress Awareness Month, here's five ways to reduce stress. Related: No related posts.

ICYMI: Starbucks Launch New Cold Brew Flavor

Hey Starbucks fans! Your favorite coffee shop is coming out with a new drink, just in time for spring. The drink will be called Toasted Coconut Cold Brew and will make you wish you were on a tropical island with every sip. Related: Soon You'll Be Able to Text Your Friends Starbucks Gift Cards This…

Walmart is Being Sued for Selling Fake Beer

It was announced last month that Walmart was a part of a class-action lawsuit. When you read these words, our first inclination was that it was for something serious. However, upon further inspection, the reason was…well, totally Walmart. Related: Breaking: All Pink Starbursts Are Officially A Thing

5 Signs You Might Be Doing Too Much on Social Media

Sometimes we can get too wrapped up in our social image as much as our daily appearance.  Related: See Who Has Unfollowed You On Instagram, Twitter, And Facebook TechBuzz: There's A New Social Media App To Rival Snapchat And Instagram TechBuzz: Facebook Makes Another Step Closer Into Snapchat Territory Don't Worry, Kangarroos Aren't A Common…

Dutch Town Installs Lights to Alert Texters

We are sure you have witnessed the notorious zombie texter. That person who is so involved in their phone that they have no idea where they are going. If you live in a city, we are sure you have witnessed someone almost walk into a busy road because they were took involved into what was…

Fun Fact: Spiders Could Eat Every Human on Earth in a Year

According to an article published by the San Francisco Chronicle, the current population of spiders could eat every human in a year. Yes, that is right. Every arachnoid’s fear is slowly coming true. Afraid of spiders? Well, we suggest you to not read any farther…and possibly move off of the planet. Related: New Coffin May…

Pet Fur Watches Are All the Rage!

Love your four-legged friend? Why not harvest their fur and make it into a watch! This may sound weird, but is exactly what the Analog Watch Company is doing. Related: New Coffin May be the Way of the Future Latest Food Trend: Yogurt Art World's Largest Dinosaur Tracks Found in Australia

Latest Food Trend: Yogurt Art

Trying to spice up your morning breakfast? Yogurt art is now becoming a popular form of design. By using plain yogurt, people will create images using a variety of sauces as well as fruit. Each piece is unique, colorful and will only last as long as your stomach will allow! Related: New Coffin May be…

We're Dying To Try This Super-Sized Dumpling Dish

According to the Guinness World Records the longest sushi roll has been achieved by Tamana Otawara Festival Executive Committee at the Tamana City Labor Athletic Centere in Tamana, Kumamoto, Japan. Related: Would You Try This Venison Arby’s Burger? You Can Now Make Stove Top Pizza, And It's Not From A Box

8 Hilarious Pizza Related Items You Can Buy Right Now

Who does not like pizza? It may just be the single greatest piece of food on the Earth. Not only can you put every topping imaginable on a slice, but it also involves cheese. Our mouths are watering just writing this introduction! If you are a pizza believer like us, these you need to check…