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The Sound Of...Farewells (Season 1 - Week 11)

THE FULL SHOW IS ABOVE - INDIVIDUAL SEGMENTS BELOW Segment One: The Sound Of…Farewell Tours (Time: 17:08) - Anne and Steve talk about Ozzy’s 2nd retirement tour (3rd counting Black Sabbath). Is it just marketing? Why do so many bands do it? Segment Two: The Sound Of…Females (Time: 21:23) - In honor of the recent…
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The Sound of...Merch (Podcast Season 1 Week 10)

The full show is above; individual segments are below: Segment One: The Sound Of…Rock History Time: 17:22 - Anne and Steve talk the origins of rock as one of the Grandfathers of Rock Fats Domino passed away last week. - Who were the cornerstones that rock was built on and who is left alive from…
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The Sound of...Record Stores (Season 1 Week 9)

The Full show (individual segments and descriptions are below): Part One: The Sound Of…Records Time: 17:48 - Anne and Steve talk about the list of Record Store Day releases coming out on Black Friday including vinyl from Iggy Pop, Queen, Dimebag, Rush and Neil Young. - Anne also talks about her recent tour of Third…
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The Sound Of...Sadness (Podcast Season 1 - Week7)

Segment One: The Sound Of…Vegas (Time: 14:35) - Anne and Steve talk about the Las Vegas tragedy, what it must be like for both the fans and the artists. - Is there ANYTHING that can be done to limit these types of attacks. Segment Two: The Sound Of…Tom Petty (Time: 22:03) - Steve and Anne…
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The Sound Of... (Tech)

Segment One: Anne brings up the topic of technology and how it is changing the concert experience. Time: 20:35 Segment Two: Anne and Steve select their top 7 albums from 1987 in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Whitesnake album which is being re-issued in a variety of packages. Time: 16:48 Segment Three: Steve…
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