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Meltdown hosts afternoon on WRIF-Detroit every afternoon from 3-7 pm. He talks to the biggest names in rock and posts his interviews right here!

Radio Chatter with C.J. Snare of Firehouse plus Mike and Ben from Royal Blood

On this episode of my non-award winning podcast, it's C.J. Snare from Firehouse first, followed by the two guys that make up Royal Blood, Ben Thatcher and Mike Kerr. C.J. is up first talking about everything Firehouse. They'll be in town playing the Token Lounge on October 27th. We talk about how they tour nowadays,…
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Radio Chatter with Troy Luccketta from Tesla and Jeff Plate from T.S.O.

It's two drummers today on Radio Chatter. First up it's Troy from Tesla. We talked about all sorts of topics. His charity work, raising his drummer son, the 80's, what he did when grunge hit, and more. He also tells me about a new Tesla album that we'll hear next year. He talks about who…
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Radio Chatter with Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember

Today on Radio Chatter it's the lead singer from A Day To Remember, Jeremy McKinnon. They're out on tour and some of their stops include the Self-Help festival dates with Rise Against, Of Mice And Men, Pierce The Veil and more. We talked about the tour, other festivals they've played, the video for "We Got…
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Radio Chatter with Eric and Dean from STP, and Doni from Toadies

It's another 2 for 1 Radio Chatter podcast. First up are the boys from Stone Temple Pilots. Eric Kretz and Dean Deleo join me to talk about the 25th anniversary of their debut album "Core". We discuss the writing process, what the time was like, and some tracks off the album. I had to ask…
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Radio Chatter with Pop Evil, Halestorm, and Jason Hook from Five Finger Death Punch

What an event RIFF Fest was! September 29th, 2017 was the final concert at DTE for the season and it went off in a big way. All sorts of bands played including the ones on this edition of Radio Chatter and headlined by Rob Zombie. First up is 4/5th's of Pop Evil. For some reason,…
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Radio Chatter with Michael Starr and Stix from Steel Panther

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Steel Panther. It's so much fun to see them live. The first time I saw the band was in Los Angeles in 2004 when they were called Metal Skool. They've grown so much since then. First up is singer, Michael Starr. I've interviewed him and few…
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Radio Chatter with Tom Morello and Tim Commerford from Prophets Of Rage

I talked to Tom Morello just a month ago (which you can listen to here) but when they give you another chance to talk to him, you take it! This time bassist Tim Commerford joined him to discuss the new album, Chris Cornell, and playing small clubs and bigger venues. I even asked them if…
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James Hetfield from Metallica, Johnny and Zacky from Avenged Sevenfold and Michael Poulsen from Volbeat.

What a day! July 12th 2017 Metallica brought the rock to Detroit. Before the bands took to the stage they sat down with me for a few minutes. Up first, the legend, James Hetfield. What an honor to talk to him! We discussed the new album and the response that they've gotten from the fans.…
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Dean and Dave from Theory Of A Deadman - Scott Bartlett from Saving Abel

This weekend is Motor City Harley Davidson's HarleyFest in Farmington Hills, Mi. Sunday night Theory of a Deadman and Saving Abel are playing, so I thought I'd get some of the boys on the show. First up it's the TOAD guys. What a crazy schedule they have this weekend. We talk about the new album which…
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