WWE's Samoa Joe and Vintage Chatter with Axl Rose from 2002.

It's a special 2 for 1 today on Radio Chatter. First up is the WWE's Samoa Joe. Raw is at Joe Louis arena for the final time tonight. Joe talks about his heroes growing up, the legendary matches at the Joe, what is Detroit's own Rhino's big fascination and more.

Then it's time for vintage Chatter with Axl Rose. This interview took place on November 20th. of 2002. I forgot a lot about this interview. Axl talking about the MTV video awards show was hysterical. At the time of the interview he'd been out of the spotlight for a long time. I had heard he only did a few interviews that year and this was one of them. The interview didn't go over well with the record company. I explain that and other particulars around the conversation in the podcast.

He talked about trying to bring in Zakk Wylde into the band in 1995. I had forgotten all about that. As I understand it, Ozzy told Zakk it was either his band or GNR. When the GNR thing fell apart, Zakk had no choice but to start his own band, Black Label Society. Axl also talks about how "Chinese Democracy" was suppose to be a trilogy. It's an awesome listen for any GNR fan. Hell, any rock fan.

Like I stated, this interview is from 2002 and a lot has changed since it took place. A lot of fences have been mended and a lot of the past has been repaired, but it gives you little look back at where he was at the time. I can't say this enough, I am not putting this on here to start crap or rehash any bad feelings, I just thought it would be fun to throw it out there for you guys to hear.