Scorpions Unplugged

I know the idea of an MTV Unplugged album is pretty out of date, however this is one of the best that the franchise has ever assembled.

It is a long set list with 25 songs in all, from the very old like "Speedy's Coming" and "In Trance" to the 80s hits "No One Like You"
and "Rock you Like a Hurricane" to brand new songs like "Dancing in the Moonlight" which is one of the best moments on the DVD.

The show was played in Greece in a really beautiful setting, which I discussed with guitarist Rudy Schenker in the audio (just hit the play option above).

There are two basic approaches to playing in an acoustic setting, you can either play the songs as they were written, just scaled back to the bare bones and let the melodies stand on their own or as the Scorpions choose to do, you can re-arrange the songs, alter certain parts and even add in a string section and guest musicians.

It is because they chose the 2nd, and far more difficult path that this CD/DVD stands out as one of the best in Unplugged history, and I'll even go so far as to say it one of the best complete albums in Scorpions history.