Radio Chatter - Best Of 2016: Part 1

2016 was a great year for the growth of my podcast. I made a New Years resolution to do one each week, and I did....kinda. I recorded this best of before being blown off by Sebastian Bach for some unknown reason in early December. Oh well.

On this first 'best of' you'll find out about the beginnings of Disturbed with front-man David Draiman, what Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 saved for years and finally had Alice Cooper sign. Kirk Hammett reflects on the 25th anniversary of the 'Black' album. Johnny Chow from Stone Sour talks about their writing process. Dave and Dean from Theory of a Deadman give parenting advice. Niel Fallon from Clutch had me in stitches talking about his son. Things got a little awkward when I asked the DeLeo Bros. from STP about the possibility of Johnny Stevens from Highly Suspect becoming the new STP singer. I turned comedian Jim Bruer's opinion of GNR around in about 12 seconds. Legendary guitarist Joe Perry talks about the Hollywood Vampires and playing with his hero Paul McCartney. Alice in Chains singer William Duvall was in studio talking about his start in AIC.

That's just the tip of this podcast. The 'best of part 2' will be out next week. I hope you guys like this.