Monster Truck - Furiosity

Monster Truck is a new band out of Hamilton, Ontario. I had very little knowledge of the band until my friend Nick Perri from Silvertide convinced me to take a quality listen.

The new album, Furiosity includes the first single "Sweet Mountain River", the new single "The Lion" a bouncy song by the name of "Call it a Spade" and my favorite on the album "For the Sun".

I connected with guitarist Jeremy Widerman by Skype last week (click the audio to get his in-depth walk-through of "For the Sun") and asked him if describing the band as a not pretty, high octane, riff first band was accurate? "Yeah man, we spent a lot of time with the record trying to make sure it had a real dirty sound to it, even though the production level is rather high."

The album is solid all the way through, but don't expect any ballads.

Monster Truck is on tour now with Buckcherry
and will switch to the Alter Bridge tour in early April. They will also be on the bill for Rock on the Range this spring in Columbus, Ohio.