Judas Priest - Redeemer Of Souls

The new Judas Priest album arrives on July 8th and it sounds very much like vintage Judas Priest. That seems simple enough
considering the band started all the way back in 1969. But for a band to thrive you have to reach out in new directions,
the key to that may be knowing when to get back to your roots and that is exactly what I found on Redeemer of Souls.

I spoke to Glenn Tipton by phone on July 2nd and asked him about the more basic sound on the song "Crossfire", he told me
"Yeah, it's a very basic riff, the original idea came from Ritchie, but it seem to have a bit of Priest on it, even though
it was a blues riff. It is short and sweet and to the point, but it says it all. The key word I think is progressive, it is
progressive blues, you know from a time when people started to do their own thing on guitar."

While talking to Glenn, I also realized, that as a radio personality, I'm not eligible to win any contests, but as a teenager
I did win the Screaming For Vengeance album and tickets to the show; Glenn: "Oh, That's fantastic, did you come and see us?"
SB: "Of Course, it was great I even remember the opening band was Pretty Maids." Glenn: "Oh wow, I've got the world's worst
memory, I can never remember where or what or even when, that's incredible."

My 3 favorite tracks from the new album are "Hell and Back", "Crossfire" and "Redeemer of Souls".

More of my interview with Glenn Tipton can be accessed by clicking on the play button above.