Joe Satriani - Strange Beautiful Music, A Musical Memoir

Joe's new book, as the title suggests is not a true biography, it's more of a biography of his music. As much as I love Joe's music, and it is a HUGE part of the soundtrack of my life, I do wish it was more of a true story of his life.

Joe is a private person, and is not ready to share his life details, so we perhaps the most in-depth blow by blow of a musician's career that has ever been assembled.

Joe, and his guests, as he has a lot of commentary from Steve Vai, John Cuniberti, Jeff Campitelli, Andy Johns and others make you feel like you are in the studio as witness to all of these treasured moments in Joe's history. I found myself really enjoying the read,
yet wondering how many people would really understand the language. Are there enough people who know the difference between an M-57 microphone and a 414? When Joe talks about certain chord structures and note choices, I'm afraid that those descriptions will go over any non-musicians head, and probably most musicians will only sort-of get it.

Having said that, I do have a background in both music, and audio production and loved the book, even though I wish it had been more about Satriani's life.

I do recommend the book to Joe's fans but be prepared for what it is.

Finely, reading this book made me go back and re-listen to tons of Joe's music, and with the deeper understanding of that music, I've been all smiles.

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