Bill Leverty - Firehouse

It's been over 20 years since I've talked with anyone from the band Firehouse. They've had some pretty big hits and still tour to this day playing festivals and weekend shows all year. We hooked up over Twitter and I asked him if he would come on the show.

Bill is a big hockey fan so we had to talk a little about that. We talked about the 90's when grunge took over and the effect it had on bands like Firehouse. We also touched on the girl on the debut album. Turns out she was married to Spread Eagle guitarist Paul DiBartolo. After talking with Bill, I texted Ray West from the band and he filled me in. Firehouse won an American Music Award over bands like Nirvana and Alice In Chains in 1991. He explains that plus the hits "Love of a Lifetime", "When I look Into Your Eyes", how he was evicted from an apartment early on because he turned it into a studio, his thoughts on the recent guitar hero deaths, and lots, lots more.

At the end of the podcast, Bill gave me permission to play his song "You're A Natural". Give that a listen and search him out on Twitter, Instagram and his website.