Adrenaline Mob

In my youth it was not uncommon for me to buy albums based on a cool album cover, and this one reminds me of something I would have obtained. These days great art work is more of a bonus than a feature. However the real reason to buy music is and always has been for the songs.

My favorite song is the opening track "Mob is Back" and the audio up top is part of my conversation with guitarist Mike Orlando about that song. I also have a fondness for "Falling to Pieces" with it's layered guitars creating the kind of texture I usually look for in music, and "Let it Go" which is a fine example of Adrenaline Mob's ability to create edgy music that is forceful with out being pissed off.

I asked Mike about the blend of musicians; joining Mike Orlando on guitar are, Russell Allen on vocals, John Moyer on bass and A.J. Pero on drums. I pointed out that the mix of talents made for a brand of hard rock that is not hard 100% of the time. Mike replied "Exactly, it varies. We have some metal roots and some hard rock roots all the way down to ballad type material, I like everything".

This is the band's 2nd studio album and the first with A.J. on drums. A.J. is best known as the drummer of Twisted Sister.

Adrenaline Mob also has two EPs out including last year's Coverta' which features a stunning re-make of Black Sabbath's "Mob Rules".

If you are a fan of Russell's work in Symphony X or Trans-Siberian Orchestra or John's work with his other band Disturbed, you will find something you like on Men of Honor as well.