8 Signs That You May Need a Vacation

It's a normal day at work, you've been working fairly diligently until you find your mind beginning to drift away. Soon you're on a beach; you can hear the waves, feel the breeze, smell the water, it's pure bliss... then *BOOM* A co-worker has interrupted your day dream and now you're back to reality. Sounds…

The Perfect Album

If you've listened to any of my recent Radio Chatter podcasts you know that I recently bought a turntable. It all stems from a conversation I had with Stone Sour's Johny Chow. I was telling him how I had heard a song while working out and I recalled buying the album, driving home with huge…

Bizarre Ways to Get Arrested Overseas

According to Smart Traveler, each year approximately 1,000 Australians are arrested overseas. On the website, the Department of Foreign released the information as to why they are arrested. Needless to say, some of the reasons are hilarious! 

5 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is something almost all of us deal with on a daily basis.  From your work life to your home life, it's pretty much inescapable, but it can be managed.  In honor of Stress Awareness Month, here's five ways to reduce stress.

Dutch Town Installs Lights to Alert Texters

We are sure you have witnessed the notorious zombie texter. That person who is so involved in their phone that they have no idea where they are going. If you live in a city, we are sure you have witnessed someone almost walk into a busy road because they were took involved into what was…

Latest Food Trend: Yogurt Art

Trying to spice up your morning breakfast? Yogurt art is now becoming a popular form of design. By using plain yogurt, people will create images using a variety of sauces as well as fruit. Each piece is unique, colorful and will only last as long as your stomach will allow!