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Newborn Twins Stop Crying When They're Reunited

This is remarkable.  A dad shot video of his twin sons right after they were born . . . and they're crying because they've been separated.  As soon as the nurse puts them next to each other and they feel the skin-to-skin contact, they stop crying. They were born in February, the video was posted…

Is This Squirrel Drunk on Fermented Pumpkin?

This is from a few years ago, but it's making the rounds now.  Somebody posted a video of a squirrel that ate some of their fermented pumpkins, and started acting drunk.  It tries to climb a tree but can't, and then it just runs around in circles. Squirrel Gets Drunk On Fermented Pumpkins Squirrel Gets…

Driver Shocked By Flying Beer Keg

A Sydney, Australia motorist is thanking their lucky stars after a chance encounter with a beer keg.  In it, you see dashcam footage of the car just tooling along the M4 Toll Road, when, in a literal blink of an eye, a beer keg comes flying along from the right and demolishes the windshield.