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I.C.Y.M.I.: Zach Galifianakis Accuses Brad Pitt Of Not Showering On The Latest "Between Two Ferns" . . . And Plays The Theme Song To "Friends"

It's been a while since ZACH GALIFIANAKIS has done an episode of "Between Two Ferns", but the new one totally makes up for it. He interviews BRAD PITT . . . and just rips into him over and over.First he calls Brad a "dumb actor" . . . and brings up the rumors that Brad doesn't shower. In the middle of the interview, he randomly has LOUIS C.K. show up to do some stand-up material.The best line was at the very end. He asked Brad what it was like when he first saw ANGELINA JOLIE, and if it was like "when Ross first saw Rachel" . . . then he played the "Friends" theme song.

A Guy Gets Trapped In A Bus's Door After He Tries To Steal A Purse . . . Then Gets Beaten Down By The Bus Driver

Earlier this month, a guy in Concepcion, Chile boarded a city bus. When he hopped on, he tried to steal the purse of a woman sitting in one of the front seats.He tried to grab the purse and run TWICE . . . but failed miserably. Then as he tried to jump out, his hand got caught in the bus's door as it closed and he was trapped inside.The driver took off and hit the guy relentlessly with a baseball bat . . . making him CRY.This went on for about a minute, and eventually the bus driver pulled over and the guy was arrested. Lucky for us, it was all caught on the surveillance camera inside the bus.

Chainsaw Massacre Prank

A Russian Prankster posted his latest video, called the "Chainsaw Massacre Prank", last week.  He's dressed as a Leatherface-like serial killer with a chainsaw, and hacks away at a guy who looks like he's been cut in half.