(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Hunters Net A Massive Gator In Florida

Alligator hunters Chris Bishop, Hal Camp Jr. and Shane Milstead landed the biggest gator thus far in Florida’s gator-hunting season.  The big “get” was gotten last Sunday morning when they saw a “hole” in the water that told them that a beast was close by.  Using a standard fishing bridge gaff to get him to the surface, and the trio became instantly intimidated when the saw its sheer size: they had landed a 13-foot alligator that weighed-in at 750-pounds.

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GOOD GOD. https://t.co/vz1TzSKLjZ


Hunters bag state's biggest alligator, so far

There's a key moment during an alligator hunt where the hunter must decide, "Do I have what it takes to win this battle?" Especially when the alligator on the other end of the line is truly a dinosaur. For alligator hunters Chris Bishop, of Stuart, and Hal Camp Jr.