Couple Involved with Making Terrorist Threats and Harming Police Officers Has Funny Mugshot

Monitored phone calls from a jail have led to a woman getting charged with making terrorist threats and threatening a police officer among other things.  She had been in contact with a man who was behind bars for various charges that the court had forbidden her from being in contact with.  This is where things get have to check out his mugshot!

During the conversations she had with the man they discussed plotting an attack similar to the Oklahoma City bombing, killing police officers, and more.


Woman charged with terrorist threats

Monitored phone calls at the jail led to multiple felony charges. Brianna R. Vandyke, 20, Waupaca, is charged with making terrorist threats and threatening an officer, both as party to a crime, and 16 counts of felony bail jumping. She is currently in custody on a $25,000 cash bond.