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Have You Ever Been Banned From A Restaurant?

Ever done something so silly, ridiculous, or flat out wrong that it caused you to not only be kicked out of a restaurant -- but even worse, banned?

I was never truly banned from a restaurant, but I was asked to leave one when I walked in with only a bathing suit on! Vacations. What happens in Myrtle Beach, stays in Myrtle Beach.

People are so unpredictable and there are so many stories out there about people put on a ban list or at least removed temporarily at certain restaurants.

Today, the Internet world is talking Arby's! Curly fries anyone? Here's why Twitter is banned from the popular, fast-food chain. Get ready to chuckle away!

Sir Dude on Twitter

The sign said No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. It didn't say anything about No Pants. #WhyImBannedFromArbys

#PlaySlots4RealMoney on Twitter

That Is Between Me And Arby's 🙂 #WhyImBannedFromArbys

Mr.JP on Twitter

WhyImBannedFromArbys ? They didn't appreciate my telling the customers what animal the "beef" comes from. If you think cow, try again.

Leonard Roldan on Twitter

WhyImBannedFromArbys I walked in and asked why they replaced the Golden Arches with that silly hat.

Charles Turner on Twitter

They caught me placing a missing dog flyer on their window. I then questioned management about paw prints behind store #WhyImBannedFromArbys

Vanessa???? on Twitter

WhyImBannedFromArbys @KayEmily2 and I had lunch and they didn't like us, for some reason ????

Billy Hashtag on Twitter

WhyImBannedFromArbys I walked in with a Burger King paper crown on.

Jennifer ???????? on Twitter

WhyImBannedFromArbys Because HI WELCOME TO CHILI'S!

And then there are those folks who probably never even set foot into an Arby's!

Selena Quinzel on Twitter

People actually go to Arby's? #WhyImBannedFromArbys




Sarah Francis is a half-Palestinian journalism junkie, a proud Charlotte, NC native with an oversized sweet tooth, and an active world traveler. Ask her where she's headed next. (@Sarah_Francis25)