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Dream of Becoming a Tempura Fried Shrimp?

Being an adult can be hard sometimes, and there are days where all you can do is dream of hiding inside a blanket burrito. Well, thanks to the online store Felissimo, your burrito blanket is about to receive a serious upgrade.

Recently released on their sit is a “Fried Shrimp Wearable Sleeping Bag”. Yes, that is right, you can transform yourself into a giant piece of tempura shrimp.

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Honestly can't deny that I want this shrimp tempura sleeping bag

The full-sized sleeping back will allow you to become all warm and snuggly all while looking delicious. The top of the tempura has three holes: one for your face and two for your arms. At the bottom of this creation are two little spaces for your legs and will transform them into a shrimp tale.

Not to worry, the top of the tempura sleeping bag was created so that you can place your arms inside just in case you want to go full tempura. The creation is on sale for $82.36 or 8,424 yen. Quite a price to pay to look that good!

If you are unsure of the purchase, Felissimo released a promotional video showing off the benefits of the outfit. In the video, a woman is laying on a couch, dancing, vacuuming, sleeping, and eating tempura with shrimp all while in her new outfit. At the end of the video, she actually transforms into a real piece of tempura on a dinner plate. Now, we cannot promise that you will really change into a piece of food, but we can ensure that all of these activities will be ten times more fun with this purchase.

YOU+MORE! 着るエビフライ寝袋

YOU+MORE! 着るエビフライ寝袋

All of the sleeping bags will be available to start shipping in October. So, do not delay, pre-order yours today! You can not only be warm, but also will have an outfit just in time for Halloween.


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