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Is Starbucks Now Going To Charge You For Ice?

Well, it's happened:  Starbucks figured out a way to charge you for ice.

Starbucks just started testing ice cubes made out of COFFEE in 100 of their stores in St. Louis and Baltimore.  If you want them, they cost 80 cents extra. There's no guarantee that they're going to go nationwide, but they seem like free money for Starbucks, so why wouldn't they?


Starbucks testing coffee ice cubes in 100 stores

It's an iced-coffee lover's summer dream come true. Starbucks on Monday began testing coffee ice cubes in iced coffee drinks in two markets, St. Louis and Baltimore, according to spokesperson Holly Shafer. She called it a "very small test" that includes just 100 stores of the nearly 25,000...