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Someone Took An Ozzy Song And Mashed It With Earth, Wind And Fire

And it's glam-fab!

I seriously want to know how people come up with these mixtures, but someone took "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osborne and mixed it perfectly to "September" from Earth, Wind & Fire. The song flows way too well together.

DJ Cummerbund - Earth, Wind & Ozzys

Earth, Wind & Fire team up with a variety of Ozzy Osbournes to sing about transportation. Say you want a personalized video from DJ Cummerbund himself? Go here: - 100% of the proceeds go to charity! For press inquiries, interview requests, etc. for DJ Cummerbund, please contact his handler, J.


Totally putting this one on my wedding playlist, since "September" is one of the most cliche wedding reception jams, but you gotta stay metal with the Prince of Darkness and not embarrass yourself.


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