(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Pop-Tarts With Jolly Rancher Filling Have Arrived

So Pop-Tarts aren't even trying to pretend they're part of a healthy breakfast anymore, huh? Because there are three new flavors of Pop-Tarts that were just announced . . . and they're filled with JOLLY RANCHERS.  There are three different types:  Watermelon, cherry, and green apple. They'll be hitting stores later this month.


These Wacky New Pop-Tarts Flavors Will Either Excite or Disgust You

Despite the fact that they're essentially rectangular, frosting-covered cookies, Pop-Tarts are -- for better or worse -- an inescapable part of the American breakfast culture. And while the geniuses charged with dreaming up new flavor ideas for the iconic toaster pastry have introduced quite a few interesting variations through the years, the latest offerings may be the weirdest yet.