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Pokemon Go-ers! A Rock Event Is Coming!

The Pokemon Go team says they'd like to honor the memories and exercise we've gained from the game by creating a Pokemon Go Adventure Week!

With some of the other events we've had, the newest one will fill the need for all those Pokemon Go fans that still haven't evolved their Onyx yet, when Rock-type Pokemon will be in abundance. On top of this, you'll be awarded more items from every Pokestop, and if you need to buy Poke Balls, they will be 50% off in the shop.

Another cool thing that will occur is that when you're walking your buddy, they will find their candies 4 times as fast, according to PokemonGoLive.com.

The release also notes that you may even spot an Aerodactyl in the mix.  So as you keep your phones out, enjoy! The event kicks off May 18 at 1PM PDT and will end at 1PM on May 25.


Adventure Week is coming! Starting May 18 ...

Adventure Week is coming! Starting May 18, encounter more Rock-type Pokémon, get more items from PokéStops, and more! http://pokemongolive.com/en/post/adventureweek2017


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