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Meet The Woman Who Can’t Find Love Because She’s Just TOO Damn Hot

We’ve all encountered one of these: the chick that thinks her unbelievably stunning looks get in the way of her finding a man.  She’s “just TOO GOOD LOOKING.”  Cherelle Neille is a 26-year-old single mom from Manchester, England – and she says her situation is a “serious problem in society.”  She says guys only look at her as “arm candy” and she has a tough time bonding with plain Janes.  You know you want to see her picture.


Shop assistant says she is TOO good-looking to find love

Single mother says men don't take her seriously because of her good looks Cherelle Neille, 26, from Manchester says men only see her as arm candy Struggles to bond with other women and says it's a 'serious problem in society' Unlucky-in-love Cherelle Neille believes she has been unable to find a boyfriend because she is too good-looking.