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Inside the Most Luxurious Bathroom in New York City

If you are planning to visit Bryant Mark in Midtown Manhattan, try to stop by the public bathrooms. Yes, that might sound a little odd, but the restrooms have been receiving some serious attention.

The park, which used to be home to New York’s Fashion Week, has received a $300,000 public bathroom makeover. The loo’s upgrade was so intense that, when the door’s opened for the first time, they performed a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Dan Biederman, executive director of Bryant Park Corporation told CNN that “At Bryant Park, we strive for perfection and only settle for excellence. We have created a facility that rivals even some of the finest hotels.”

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Inside Bryant Park's $300K Public Bathroom; Living Rent-Free in NYC; 2017 Bronx Book Fair https://t.co/3DqWqDT7mF

It took approximately three months for the entire renovation. Currently, the restroom is “equipped with Toto fixtures, a coffered ceiling, crown moldings, and a new imported tiling.” Every wall is decorated with local art from artists in the area that is known to create their paintings inside of the park.

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This bathroom in NYC's Bryant Park cost $300,000 to renovate. Take a look inside: https://t.co/vOqPrwOBiY

Previous to the park’s facelift, the Bryant Park facilities have been known to be some of the best public bathrooms in the area. The restroom first opened 25 years ago and, reported by CNN, already have a “full-time attendant, bouquets of fresh flowers, and a classical music soundtrack.”

With an increase of park popularity within the past few years, park officials decided that it was time to upgrade their loo. Last year alone, Bryant Park received 1.2 million visitors and they are expecting to receive even more this year.

Money for the project was from the Bryant Park Corporation which is a nonprofit organization that manages the park. According to CNN, “the park requires no municipal funding.” The corporation no only manages Bryant Park for New York City, but they also raised “money via sponsorships, special events, operation of food concessions.”


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