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Would You Try Pickle Juice Soda?

For some people, pickle juice soda might sound like a magical experience. At Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, this combination is an actuality!

Currently, the candy store is only located in Pennsylvania and Ohio, but customers can see walls stocked with the new drink.

Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop - Miamisburg, OH

If you're the kind of pickle lover who relishes all things pickled, this is gonna be a really big dill. Pickle Juice Soda Pop is here! Available in-store and online!

On the store’s Facebook page, they wrote: “If you’re the kind of pickle lover who relishes all things pickled, this is gonna be a really big dill.” We agree completely with that statement! If you are a pickle fan, there is nothing better than getting to the end of a pickle jar and sipping that sweet combination. For others who do not like the taste, we aterriblyble sorry that this article might be grossing you out right now!

Rocket Fizz Philly on Twitter

New Pickle Juice Soda! Rehydrate like the @philadelphiaeagles! #kindof #pickles #soda #salt #eagles #philly #philadelphia #myoldcityphilly

For those who are too afraid to try the combination, Grandpa Joe’s Candy shop told Mashable what it is like to take a sip. They wrote “Your brain prepares you for the taste of pickle juice (like right from the jar). It smells just like dill pickle juice as you might imagine. The taste is spot-on. While the flavor isn’t overwhelming, it’s sweet and would definitely satisfy that pickle craving.”

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Soda lovers, you can get Pickle Juice Soda at @teeyahsWPG? Don't forget to tap your app to earn rewards!

If you are too far away from the store’s location, but are willing to taste the drink, they do sell the soda online. Since it is such a rare concoction, the drink is expensive. In the stores, a bottle of the Pickle Juice Soda goes for $2.50 while online, it costs $9.99. If you are looking to get more than one bottle, three will cost you $19.99 while a whole six-pack will be $29.99.

Damien Lodes on Twitter

Guess where I had lunch today?!? Just tried pickle juice soda from @POPS_66

If you share similar views as we do about the taste of pickles, then this drink would definitely be a magical experience. The pickle juice soda would definitely give an interesting spin to those late-night cravings.


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