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God's Own Junkyard: The Neon Tourist Attraction You Need to Add To Your Bucket List

Located inside of the Walthamstow warehouse in London is a collection of neon signs dubbed God's Own Junkyard. Similar to that of the Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas, the showroom is a tribute to neon artist Chris Bracey. For those who are unaware of Chris’ work, the man is one of the most famous names in neon art.

In the 1970’s, he worked at his father’s agency and pursued his dreams in London. At the time, SoHo was not a shopping central it is now known as today. Reported by Give Me Chills, in the 70’s, it was a desolate land filled with sex shops and brothels. While walking around on the city street, he noticed all the shops had one thing in common: neon signs.


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Sadly, Chris passed away in 2014, but left behind a bright legacy. His show room, God’s Own Junkyard is not only a tribute but also a family business for Electro Signs. The business allows people to purchase neon signs. Most of he signs are bright and generally have a romantic theme about them. Famous designers like Vivienne Westwood and Grayson Perry have been known to display his pieces of art in their stores.

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Needless to day, the Snapchat worthy location is visually stimulating. Guests can expect to see multiple signs, one of which reds “Stark” a piece of which was commissioned for the Captain America movie. Of course, there is a definite theme of neon signs from his brothel creation days, but that adds to the quirky appeal.

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Located inside of the warehouse is the Rolling Scones cafe. Customers can see the bright lights and then head to the cafe for affordable cream tea.

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Currently, Bracey’s sons now own Electro Signs. His son Marcus is also a neon artists and, according to Give Me Chills, has taught his own daughters how to create designs out of glass and light. It is all in the family.


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