The Perfect Album

If you've listened to any of my recent Radio Chatter podcasts you know that I recently bought a turntable. It all stems from a conversation I had with Stone Sour's Johny Chow. I was telling him how I had heard a song while working out and I recalled buying the album, driving home with huge anticipation, then finally dropping the needle on it. My kids and most people under the age of 30 probably don't know what that feels like with all the digital downloads and whatever today. He told me in his house, he and his family, only listen to vinyl. It stuck with me as I drove home that day. I started thinking about setting up a record player listening area in my 'rock room'.

Yesterday I got the final piece of my system. I went out and bought a receiver. I couldn't wait to get home, set it up, and crank out an album. After clipping the ends off of the speaker wires and screwing them in, it was time. In my most recent interview with Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor, I told him how much I liked their new cd "Emperor of Sand" and said that it would be the first album I played on my new system. True to my word, I took out a razor and carefully cut the plastic off the double album's cover. (An album that cost me $34....yikes! A little more expensive than when I was growing up). After tweaking the bass and treble knobs a little bit, I had it zoned in, all under the watchful eye of my 14 year old. He'd never seen anything like this. I cranked it up! Man, it sounded good!

I posted on my Twitter and Facebook the real simple question....what's your perfect album? I got a lot of responses. Lots of Beatle, Pink Floyd, Metallica, AC/DC and more. Sometimes the more you listen to an album, the more perfect it gets. A couple that pop to mind right away for me are "Abby Road", "Rubber Soul", "Dirt" from Alice in Chains, and "The Wall" just to name a few.

I'm not done building my listening area yet, but I'm a huge step closer. I have to hang the speakers and find the perfect cabinet to house my accessories. Oh...and then I have to go out and buy lots of records! LOL With record store day being this Saturday, I can already feel my pockets getting lighter.