(Photo by John Giles - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Entrepreneur launches personal hygiene wipes for men called "Woody Wipes"

Entrepreneur Derek Collins has launched Woody Wipes, which are personal hygiene wipes for men formulated to knock out the nauseating odor of  “sweaty balls”.

Tired of seeing tons of products designed to freshen up women but never anything for men, Derek Collins saw an opportunity to launch the product and hopefully make some money following in the footsteps of successful products in the male hygiene marketplace like Axe and Dollar Shave Club.

Woody Wipes are designed with the intention of freshening up genitals after working out, going to work, or getting it on! They aren't available in stores yet, but can be pre-ordered at www.woodywipes.com


Black Entrepreneur Launches Woody Wipes -- Personal Hygiene Wipes For Men

Entrepreneur Derek Collins has launched Woody Wipes - one of the first of its kind, personal hygiene wipes for men. Historically women have had an arsenal of products to keep it fresh in the bedroom, while many men are barely using soap and water.