(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

A Guy Dies During a Lap Dance at a Texas Strip Club

A 67-year-old guy was getting a lap dance at a strip club in Texas on Friday when he became unresponsive.  Staff thought he was pulling a scam to get out of paying for the dances but realized he was in trouble.  They tried to perform CPR and called 911.  He was pronounced dead, and the cause of death is currently listed as natural causes.


El Paso man dies in a Texas strip club while getting lap dances

Robert Gene White, 67, was a the full service gentleman's club on Friday night White had been receiving a dance when staff noticed he was not responding After thinking he may have been trying to get out of paying, CPR was performed El Paso County Sheriff Office said it appears as though he died of natural causes An elderly man has died while receiving a lap dance at a strip club in Texas.