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ICYMI Woman Thinks Detroit “Furry Convention” Is a Dog Event, And Takes Dog

Cheryl Wassus wanted to take her therapy dog out for a wonderful happy experience.  Cheryl’s involved with the Pets For Vets organization, and was thrilled to see that the charity was selected as the beneficiary for the Motor City Furry Con.  So thrilled, in fact, that she wanted to take her dog to it – without looking into what a “Furry” was.  The convention, as it turns out, was a gathering of people who enjoy dressing up in animal costumes (kinda like amusement park characters).

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Link being a good sport

It’s like a fetish thing.  Word is that Cheryl’s dog was confused, but still managed to have a good time.


Woman Brings Dog To Furry Convention, Thinking It's A Gathering For Pets

A woman and her Bernese mountain dog became the unwitting stars of a furry convention this weekend after the woman mistook the gathering as an event for pets. Cheryl Wassus of Monroe, Michigan, is a volunteer with Pets for Vets, a nonprofit that matches therapy dogs with military veterans.