Photo from the Rock Hall

Why we love J. Geils

There are a few bands that are connected to the history of the Riff, of course Kid Rock, Bob Seger and Uncle Ted.  I would even throw Kiss and Journey in there too but,  J. Geils was so Detroit, many didn't know they came from Boston.  Some of you only know J. Geils from 'Love Stinks' or 'Centerfold'  but, that was the music that actually lead to the breakup of the band.  Even though they were their most popular songs, they didn't embody what the band was truly about, the live show.  J. Geils live albums included shows at Cobo Hall, Pine Knob and The Cinderella Ballroom. Seven sold out shows in one week at Pine Knob proved how powerful they were.  Peter Wolf was the pied piper leading a rabid crowd through classics like "Detroit Breakdown', 'Nothin' Like a Houseparty' and the iconic rap leading into 'Musta Got Lost'  (Rupuda the buda!) .  Magic Dick was a genius on the harmonica, as we all braced ourselves for 'Hard Drivin' Man'.   Imagine a Kid Rock show on steroids, that was  a night with J.Geils.  Much has been made of the friendship between Peter Wolf and Arthur Penhallow . The relationship existed  because they lived the life of real rockers and they took us all along for the ride.  J. Geils considered Detroit their second home and many of us considered them our favorite band.  Thank you J. Geils for putting together one of the best party bands in the world!  RIP John Geils

J. Geils Band