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The Worst Thing a Guy Can Do After Sex

It's good to know we've got a definitive answer on this question.  A new study found that out of all the possible ways men can ruin the mood after sex, there's one thing that's DEFINITELY the worst.

The researchers found that the thing women hate the most is when men BRAG about their performance afterward . . . and make the woman's climax all about them. The study also found that the top reason women FAKE it in bed is to try to protect a guy's ego and self-esteem.


Female orgasms: How some men are ruining the moment

A STUDY has shed light on the worst thing men can do in bed - and it seems women are united in hating this unattractive habit. This new report, titled Do Women's Orgasms Function as a Masculinity Achievement?, reveals some interesting insights into heterosexual relationships.