A Couple Took a Shortcut Across a Frozen Lake, and Their Truck Sank

A couple in Canada tried to cut two hours off a road trip yesterday by driving ACROSS a frozen lake instead of going around it.  It happened in Manitoba, which is just above Minnesota.

Apparently people there do it all the time when it's cold enough.  But unfortunately they hit some thin ice . . . and ended up losing their truck.

Truck Falls Through Frozen Ice on Lake Winnipeg

A truck driving across a frozen Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada, on March 14, took a plunge when the ice gave way beneath it.One of the truck's two occupants told Storyful "winter driving across the lake used to be safe," but suggested that in mid-March only ice farther north would be suitable to drive on.

They both jumped out in time, but their truck sank.  And they were streaming live on Facebook when it happened.