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Manny Ramirez Reaps All the Benefits He Can Eat in Japan

Manny will continue to be Manny, just 6,000 miles away.

The player who captivated a baseball audience for nearly 20 years is taking his talents to the international waters; to Kochi Island, Japan to be exact.

The Boston Globe reports that the former Red Sox star signed a deal with the independent league Kochi Island Fighting Dogs and reported for spring training this week.

Ramirez was initially introduced at a press conference while donning his No. 99 jersey with the simple “Manny” across the back. According to, Ramirez’s contract includes a few interesting stipulations:

  1. Practices are optional.
  2. Full use of a Mercedes and a driver.
  3. His own personal hotel suite for road games.

And last but not least,

  1. All-you-can-eat sushi for as long as he remains with the team.

If there’s a man who knows how to negotiate, it’s Manny. Although he hasn’t played since 2014 as a player-coach for the Triple-A Iowa Cubs, Ramirez is reportedly motivated by his love for the game and the desire to bring that passion to the Japanese fan base.

If there was ever a player to 'Make Baseball Fun Again,' it’s the guy who once high-fived a fan and proceeded to still throw the guy out.


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